Vittorazi MY20 Announcement

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We are happy to introduce you to our two new jewels: the MOSTER 185 MY ’20 and the ATOM 80 MY ’20, on which extensive research and development work and many technical updates have been carried out.


MOSTER 185 MY ’20

The most important activity that has been carried out is of the exhaust, the component that was most implemented, with the modification of the following elements:

  • New geometry of the ‘bronze bush’ made with special materials, and increased contact surface area, to offer greater durability and maximum system safety;
  • Reinforced manifold with a “double rib” welding system that offers greater security for a more stable and repeatable manufacturing process;
  • A second joint has been added which has led to a significant improvement: it stops the transfer of vibrations from the engine to the muffler and reduces the load on the manifold, created by the weight and accelerations of the exhaust.

All this while continuing to maintain the same performance, the same design and the same quietness of the previous model. A product of the highest quality, now under warranty for 24 months.

For the engine components of the Moster 185 we have made the following further improvements:

  • New cylinder Nikasil plating treatment, for greater performance and durability;
  • Anti-rotation device for pull starter shaft;
  • New material for the airbox rubber sleeve, to ensure longer life and stability of the system;
  • BR9 spark plug with steel pin, for greater stability of the cap;
  • Oil-seals of the highest quality and durability, always Made in Italy;
  • Treatment of all screws with an anti-corrosion system.


ATOM 80 MY ’20

A very important piece of work was also carried out on the Atom 80. Here are the new features of the engine.

  • New design, new fusion technology of the engine crankcase and of the reduction drive:
  1. Greater precision in mechanical processing, with the advantage of precise and always guaranteed coupling;
  2. Better aesthetic finishes;
  3. Less weight from new geometries;
  4. Added oil drain plug on a magnetic base in the reduction drive;
  5. Added inspection hole of the reduction drive oil level.


  • Reinforced silencer plate, thickness increase (+1.0 mm) and geometry change;
  • New Walbro WB series Carburettor, stability in all weather conditions, with the possibility of adjusting the H jet to compensate for the lower atmospheric temperatures;
  • New clutch design with noise damper;
  • New material for the Airbox rubber sleeve;
  • BR9 spark plug with steel pin, for greater stability of the cap;
  • Seals of very high quality and durability, as ever Made in Italy;
  • Treatment of all screws with anti-corrosion system.



A free engines upgrade kit it’s at your disposal – only to order from authorized dealers:


ATOM 80 

  • Reinforced silencer plate: thickness increase (+1.0 mm) and geometry change. Code for the order: AT186 (same code, replace the previous version).
  • Pulse line modification kit, from internal to external line. Code for the order: AGG2019003 (Kit external pulse line Atom80).

MOSTER 185 MY ’18/’19

  • Bronze bush kit: containing 4 new springs, one bronze bush with the new profile and material. Code for the order: ME143 (same code, replace the previous version).