Vittorazi Easy 100 Plus


Easy100, simplicity and high performances




Easy100, simplicity and high performances

The thermic group is cooled with the air generated by the extraction flow of the propeller. Simple, streamlined, light and compact design, with a direct belt drive, easy to use and maintain.

The motor develop a max power of 18 hp at 9.500 rpm and is particularly suitable for a weights (pilot and paramotor) between 90 and 130 Kg (200 to 290 pounds). The thrust is immediate, smooth, well managed and reach 60 kg (130 pounds) with 130 cm (51 inches)

propeller or 56kg (123 pounds) with 122 cm (48 inches) propeller.

The motor start easily on the ground or during the flight with pull or electric starter. The overall weight of the motor: 13.8 Kgs pull starter, 14.4 Kgs  electric starter and 15.1 Kgs pull and electric starter. Vibrations can hardly be perceived because the Easy100 has a small dimensions, a balanced crankshaft,appropriately distributed weights, a small and compact unit.

Designed and manufactured for a limited speed (9.500 RPM), this motor guarantees a low noise output, thanks also to the air –box filter and exhaust silencer system. The consumption of this motor is about 3 liters/hour considering a cruise flight. The Easy100 requires a minimum maintenance for its essential structure.

Thanks to the use of the carburetor membrane Walbro, the motor maintains a constant engine idle speed, also changing the inclination in flight or in the phase of preparation to the take-off. The Easy100 can be mounted upside down or rotated of 90° without altering the motor settings. The motor includes automatic recharge and electronic regulator for the battery. On request, it can also be supplied with extractable and interchangeable pulley, so can be used with different measures of  propeller.

It is available with components optional in carbon fiber, chromed or anodized.