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Flying long distances, discovering new destinations or just enjoying your time in the air. If you are a paramotor enthusiast you will find in the Kougar 2, a glider specially outfitted to move everywhere freely.

PPG Cross Country

EN 926-1/DGAC
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Optimal inflation
The Kougar 2 inflates and takes off easily. The glider comes up effortlessly overhead in all flyable weather conditions.

Reflex system evo
An evolved Reflex System enhances the glider’s abilities to perform while providing increased stability and fuel consumption optimization.

Revolutionary technology
For the first time, RAM Air Intake technology is used on a compact and comfortable Paramotor wing to promote speed with safety.

All about Kougar 2
In 2011 we decided to open a new door to the activity. The first step reached in the challenge, was to understand the Paramotor pilots needs by taking their feedback and suggestions seriously. As a result, our R&D team was then better equipped to work on a new glider concept focused on addressing the pilots concerns: better feeling and wing feedback with increased safety during flights while elevating technological advances for heightened glider performance.

Fully equipped
Knowing that experienced Paramotor pilots are always looking for fast, powerful and reliable wings enabling them to reach their goals, the Kougar 2 keeps the performance of the first generation glider but now delivers superior maximum speed with added safety.

Its inflating and lifting capacities are outstanding, thus eliminating the need for high speed during takeoff and landing. These huge advantages basically resulted from the RAM Air Intake technology used for the first time in Paramotor design.

The RAM Air Intake permits to reach an optimal air inflow configuration (below the glider’s leading edge aligned with the intrados) to obtain a rapid, progressive, stable inflation. This profile modification results in more comfortable faster and tighter glider turns.

Another strong point in the Kougar 2 is the evolution of the Reflex System Profile (RSP). This innovation works together with the previous design to improve gliding, speed and safety.

In addition, it cuts down on fuel consumption: less engine power is needed to obtain the same performance level, so you can set your own limits.

In terms of piloting the wing, the main toggles are more flexible and progressive, enabling for better glider control without excessive effort. An additional toggle system, connected to the stabilizer, improves glider management during accelerated flights and turns.

The Kougar 2 can be steered with the trims opened while keeping the profile stable. In other words; maintaining a high wing internal pressure with extraordinary leading edge rigidity at high speed. The glider turns without losing its handling flexibility nor its stable flight characteristics.

The wing’s high performance abilities enhance the engine’s power curve for a lessened workload, enabling the use of smaller size 125 and 80 cc. motors and without the need for high cubic capacity power plants.

Make the most out of this glider born to perfectly complement your flying gear. Enjoy it during extended Cross Country flights. Kougar 2, paramotor innovation at its best!

The fabric, lines, risers and wing size can all be changed to customise and adapt the model to suit your needs and preferences. Contact us and we will personally explore all the possibilities.

3D Leading Edge

Adding an extra seam to the leading edge on the span axis of the glider helps to shape a compact 3D profile and have better connections to the new 3DP front panel’s layout.

3D Pattern Cut Optimization

The latest glider generation requires a new pattern design and an optimized fabric cutting process based on a 3D technology.

Double Effect System

With the implementation of the DES pilot can make the most out of the glider’s ability to perform to its full potential using the speed bar.

RAM Air Intake

Evolution and constant improving in all our products is the essence of the DNA of Niviuk’s R&D team. Thanks to the new technologies created over recent years, we have conceived new and more evolved and higher performing gliders. In this context the RAM Air Intake technology should be pointed out.

Reflex System Profile

The highly efficient Reflex System Profile (RSP) unlike conventional reflex designs requires less engine power to achieve greater thrust, thus resulting in lower fuel consumption, more autonomy and higher overall motor efficiency.

Structured Leading Edge

The SLE provides more rigidity and stability along the span of leading edge but also allows full flexibility along the both the vertical and horizontal axis of each open cell. The SLE ensures ease of movement on the ground and high security in the air during turbulence and whilst flying at speed.


KOUGAR 2 20 23 25 28
Cells Number 60 60 60 60
Closed 14 14 14 14
Box 23 23 23 23
Flat Area m2 20 23 25,5 28
Span m 10.86 11.65 12.27 12.85
Aspect Ratio 5.9 5.9 5.9 5.9
Projected Area m2 17.28 19.88 22.04 24.02
Span m 8.88 9.53 10.03 10.51
Aspect Ratio 4.56 4.56 4.56 4.56
Flattening % 15 15 15 15
Chord Maximum m 2.25 2.41 2.54 2.66
Minimum m 0.54 0.57 0.6 0.63
Average m 1.84 1.97 2.08 2.18
Lines Total meters m 304 327 345 362
Height m 6.75 7.25 7.55 7.99
Number 182 182 182 182
Main 2/1/3/4/1 2/1/3/4/1 2/1/3/4/1 2/1/3/4/1
Risers Number 4 A/A’/B/C/D A/A’/B/C/D A/A’/B/C/D A/A’/B/C/D
Trimmers mm 135 135 135 135
Accelerator mm 180 180 180 180
Course Correction YES YES YES YES
Total weight in flight Minimum kg 70 80 90 100
Maximum kg 140 160 180 200
Glider weight kg 5.2 5.8 6.4 6.8
Certification 8G max. 180kg EN 926-1 926-1 926-1 926-1
Load Test kg 1440 1440 1440 1440

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20, 23, 25, 28