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Powered Flying in Gran Turismo or Racing Style

The Samurai is our new high-end performance glider, designed for experienced motor pilots searching for a balanced wing that carves the air with precision and speed…and unlimited potential for excitement and fun! Thanks to low fuel consumption over the whole speed range it has ideal synergy for classic and slalom competitions.
The Samurai definitely targets talented pilots who have a minimum of 150 hours in the air on advanced powered gliders. The Samurai is not suitable for beginners or even intermediate pilots.

High Performance Design

This newly developed airfoil with shark-nose leading edge formation, provides perfect internal pressure distribution through a wide range of ‘angles of attack’, and is very resistant to collapse. The leading edge incorporates C rod technology on the ribs, combined with RFE system on the panels (additional synthetic rod reinforcement in center of panel). This technology eliminates leading edge deformations at high speeds, while providing extra performance and overall stability in demanding conditions. The benefits of this new technology are increased glide with lower fuel consumption.

Flight Characteristics

Inflation with the Samurai is remarkably easy in all conditions, even in a nil or light, cross-wind.

With a name like the Samurai, this glider does not disappoint. It delivers sporty and precise handling through the entire range of trim settings with great resistance to collapse at higher speeds. The Samurai is a carving machine!

The riser system provides excellent control in accelerated flight. According to pilot preference, the risers can be set by utilizing the classic speed system with trimmers, or with PK system (also known as, Power Attack System). On the Samurai, the PK system is combined with the speed system and trimmer setting, offering a wide range of speeds while utilizing standard speedbar travel. The Samurai risers are cleverly designed, incorporating our popular and unique wing tip steering handles. Like on the Charger and Colorado the WTST toggles are perfectly placed, close to the main carabiners, and are held in position with magnets and snap buttons.

The Samurai is a hybrid 4-5-liner design. This allows for full adjustability of the profile geometry via trims and speed system.


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Weight 30 lbs