ITV Guardian





The Guardian has been designed to swallow the kilometers serenely and in comfort.

Its characteristics give it performance among the best wings in its category.
Thanks to its semi-lightweight construction, you will enjoy a high-performance glide.
Indeed, its partially unsheathed 3-line lines allow you to both reduce drag and simplify pre-flight.

Its controlled aspect ratio, combined with its Shark nose profile, gives it very good penetration in the air and contributes to its very good performance in finesse.
Its excellent sink rate allows you to roll up thermals efficiently to optimize your flights; its damping on the pitch will allow you to progress in all serenity.
Piloting from the rear is recommended on the way in order to preserve all the performance of your wing.
In short, a nice cocktail for cross-country flights!

The Guardian inspires confidence with its easy handling, its responsiveness to commands and the information it transmits precisely.
The feeling of agility that emerges gives pleasure and serenity to the pilot, who benefits from an optimized flight as desired.
This sail is a jewel of technology that brings together all our know-how; the lightness / robustness compromise will allow you to benefit from the exemplary durability that has made our reputation.

The Guardian will give you confidence from inflation to landing and will accompany you throughout your XC progress.
We could talk about it for hours, but the best thing is to try it to understand what words cannot explain



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Weight 30 lbs