APCO – Trike pilot Harness


  • Integrated under the seat reserve container
  • Loop and slide mechanism for quick adjustment or disconnecting the harness from the trike.
  • Adjustments – multiple options to change any geometry features of the harness.
  • 7075 T6 Aluminum aviation grade hardware
  • High tenacity, diamond shape Nylon fabric, for durability and aesthetics.
  • Universal – multiple connection points to accommodate almost all trikes on the market
  • + much, much more…


An engineering masterpiece is the one that simply works. The Trike Pilot-Passenger Harness Set, is exactly that – a simple, straight-forward solution for any trike.
Comfortable and safe, this set, does the job in an easy to use, efficient way. Elegant in its simplicity the Trike Pilot-Passenger harnesses will answer all your needs.;

UNIVERSAL in their design the Pilot-Passenger Harnesses will fit most trikes in use today.

The Pilot-Passenger Harnesses are designed to be used as part of an integrated set. Synergized to work perfectly together.

Of course each harness can be used on its own, combined they will provide the ultimate solution.

Fly Apco – KISS the pilot!

Wikipedia: “KISS” is an acronym for – Keep It Simple, Stupid

Extremely comfortable, safe, and light, the Pilot Harness was designed for ease of use with maximum protection.

Universal design – the Pilot Harness has multiple connection points to connect to the trike’s frame, allowing compatability with almost any trike.

Safe – An integrated Reserve container designed for Apco’s Mayday 28 UL for up to 340 kg. This container is secured to the bottom of the trike for maximum stability of the container, allowing for easy parachute deployment. The deployment handle is switchable between the left or right side in accordance to the pilots preference.

Comfort – Fully adjustable for maximum comfort, it offers custom adjusting each harness to the pilot’s liking. Removable one piece seat and back cushion insure pilot comfort on the longest flights.
2 Double Side pockets envelop the pilot for added support and allow ample space with in flight accessibility.

Smart – a connected chest & leg buckle system acts as a “No Forget” fail safe closing method. protecting the pilot from ever taking off unsecured.

Strong – Wide 40 mm polyester webbings are used to secure the pilot to the harness and the harness to the frame.

Sizing -The harness has multiple adjustment points to fit a wide range of pilots with removable front flap for adjusting the seat depth.
Getting in and out of harness is extremely easy. The Pilot Harness integrates together perfectly with the matching Passenger Harness but will also be perfect for most single seater trikes.

Price does not include carabiners

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs