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KARISMA II is a wing with a personality of its own.

A solid, safe, confidence inspiring wing which delivers the best of what this sport has to offer!
Designed for training all the way up to cross country flights, it is the best option to learn the basics and build skills under a canopy with the highest safety level possible!

KARISMA II is based on Karisma and is an improved version on all parameters – making a successful design even better!

One of the main improvements is a significant 20% weight reduction (1kg.)! This drastically improves inflation characteristics and in-flight safety. Nil wind forward launches with or without an engine are now easier than ever.

Take-off and ground handling have always been the biggest challenges for beginner pilots. Everything about KARISMA II is tuned to simplify and assist in this challenge. The lightweight canopy together with a clean and simple to understand 3 leg riser makes inflation and ground handling a breeze – no messy risers and lines tangled in reverse launch anymore. For students, an accelerated learning curve is guaranteed. Safely getting them into the air and flying sooner than ever before.

A new specially developed APP type profile (Sharknose) was used. Our APP profile is instrumental in contributing to the safety of the wing by increasing and retaining internal pressure of the canopy across the entire speed range. The APP Sharknose supplies a flight experience with zero deflations or momentarily pressure drops inside the canopy. Confidence inspiring, the KARISMA II is well balanced – combining excellent handling, outstanding performance and proven real life safety.

TAKE OFF – effortless and intuitive. The lighter weight combined with the 3-leg riser dramatically simplifies things for the beginner. Front launch or reverse is always easy with the APP profile (shark nose), The wing will rise slowly and controllably overhead allowing time to glance up and safely take-off.
LANDING – is a breeze as the KARISMA II is incredibly stall resistant and flaring will slow you down almost to a standstill!
THERMALLING – the glider will bank into a coordinated turn and pull itself into the core almost automatically. This is by far our best thermalling EN A wing ever and this will be evident when students attempt their first cross country flights, encouraging them to progress and evolve in the sport to the next level.
PERFORMANCE – Glide at trim speed is among the best in its class, but the real advantage is when applying the speed system. Through its entire acceleration range, KARISMA II will efficiently cut through the air with minimal sink rate. Adding both performance and another level of safety for EN A wings.
PILOT FEEDBACK – simple to understand is how to summarize the KARISMA II. The wing is both reassuring and precise in its pilot feedback. It is a forgiving wing for beginners, and when directed correctly, it will immediately respond without hesitation.
CONSTRUCTION – Light cloth is used intelligently on internal construction and bottom surface. The top surface remains with APCO’s legendary durable cloth. Weight saving was achieved without sacrificing the lifespan of the glider.
KARISMA II is fun to fly and will mentor pilots long out of school. It is the best glider for both instructors to teach on and the pilots to progress with.


KARISMA II Paramotor – supplied with a different set of risers which includes trimmers – the KARISMA II is well tested with paramotor.
The lightweight construction is especially useful for nil wind days for effortless forward launches.
For countries requiring EN A certification it is a an excellent choice as a beginner paramotor wing!

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Weight 50 lbs
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Lagoon, Patriot, SUMMER, Zest

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