Apco Mayday 28 UL in PPG Container


MAYDAY 28 UL, a new pioneering emergency parachute, specially designed for trikes – single and tandem


Mayday 28 UL capable of safely handling loads of up to 882 LB. Formally load tested by EN approved laboratory – Air Turquoise – confirming safe opening and descent with maximum load of 750 LB. Tests were carried out at opening speed of 40m./sec. as per standard EN requirements for emergency parachutes.



The Mayday UL boasts superior construction and materials. The canopy cloth is F111 “zero porosity” ripstop nylon. The skirt and apex skirt is reinforced with 1’mil spec nylon tape, neatly wrapped and stiched with a precision four-needle machine. The line attachments have V-Tab reinforcements, sewn in place with a computerized machine, ensuring consistantly high quality and strength.


Comes folded inside external bag specifically designed for PPGs. Vertical or horizontal installation on paramotor’s frame. Price includes Y-shaped extension bridle.


**Includes PPG Container!!!


Additional information

Weight 10 lbs