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Earcups / Headset

Radio Connector Type for Std. and Dlx. headsets


Radio Connector Type for Sena Tufftalk headset:

Optional Audio Cable (music) for Dlx. headset

Push To Talk Position

The Icaro 2000 Skyrider TZ PPG helmet, with optional clear visor , is the result of years of research in the Powered Paragliding community.

The Icaro 2000 Skyrider TZ PPG helmet, with optional clear visor , is the result of years of research in the Powered Paragliding community. Icaro took the time to find out what pilots wanted in a communication helmet and this is the result. The combination of the quality of workmanship, materials used, great looks and affordable price will make this helmet the first choice among PPG pilots.

The Icaro 2000 Skyrider TZ  is a fully certified polycarbonate technology open face PPG helmet. 


To choose the right radio connector for NAC Standard or Deluxe headsets please select following this link:



Here are some of the helmet's highlights:

  1. Fully certified CE certification - Helmet for Airborne Sports (EN 966), unlike other Radio-helmets in the U.S. market today which are not certified.
  2. Helmet is manufactured using Polycarbonate technology.
  3. Ultralight weight and stylish design.
  4. Available in carbon fiber optic color.
  5. Optional removable clear visor.
  6. Sizes - from S to XXL.
  7. Lining and padding - special anti-allergic - top quality materials to ensure comfortable fit and long lasting wear with excellent protection.

Measure your head:

 size             inch               cm

 XSmall        21.50            54

 Small           22.25            56

 Medium       23.00            58

 Large           23.75            60

 xLarge         24.75            62

 xxLarge       25.50            64


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