Paramotor Smoke System


Everything you need included in a single package. The ultimate paramotor smoke system, designed from end to end for PPG applications.


Everything you need included in a single package. The ultimate paramotor smoke system, designed from end to end for PPG applications.

It’s not an RC airplane pump or a window washer fluid pump. Our PPG smoke system is a ball bearing based, high flow rate, low energy consumption pump – specifically designed ppg smoke applications. Compatible with aircraft smoke oil or baby oil.

Lightweight, small form-factor and single piece pump design with a power switch and on/off smoke toggle. Lasts up to 4 hours on rechargeable AA batteries or 120 flights with 2-minute smoke runs. There are no Lipo batteries (fire hazard) or separate Lipo battery chargers required (extra cost).

Installation and setup takes 15 minutes.


  • 1000 ml fluid container
  • 500 ml per minute flow rate
  • 2 minutes of smoke per flight
  • 4 hours or 120 flights of battery life
  • 12v input


  • Dry weight: 433g
  • Wet weight: 1433g
  • Dimensions: 25cm * 9cm * 9cm


  • Smoke Pump
  • Smoke Fluid Mount
  • Smoke Hardware Kit


  • Rivnut gun
  • 4 AA batteries
  • 7mm drill bit
  • 450° high temp. threadlock


Is the injection nozzle “clockable”

  • No. The nozzle is not rotatable in any direction. It uniformly injects fluid into the exhaust.

 Do people use these strapped to their leg?

  • It’s typically mounted to your harness, frame or other safe location.

Where do you get the fluid that then creates the smoke from?

  • Baby oil works fine, it can be purchased locally at Target, Walmart, CVS etc…

Does this kit come with a metering jet/spray nozzle kit?

  • Yes, the PPG smoke system is offered in individual parts or as an entire kit. The injection nozzle is metered to a specific flow rate for optimal fluid dispersion into the exhaust system of your ppg or paramotor.

Does spraying cold oil directly into the wall of the hot exhaust pipe cause cracking?

  • Yes, there is a chance that injecting cold fluid into the exhaust can caused problems. However, the injection nozzle has been designed with a long stainless steel portion. This design allows for heat to travel up the injection nozzle around 5″. It enables the fluid entering the exhaust to undergo a temperature raise before entering. The opposite, would be “cooling” or designing an injection nozzle with fins – which can be extremely problematic. We have avoided this in the design.

Learn how to install the PPGsmoke.com paramotor smoke system.



  • Drill a 7mm hole 7.5cm from your exhaust port on the head of your PPG
  • Insert rivnut, compress
  • Apply high temp 450° thread locker to the injection nozzle threads
  • Tighten injection nozzle, ensure washer is in place
  • Route tubing and smoke toggle safely, zip tie
  • Insert batteries into pump, fill fluid container


  • Power on the pump switch
  • Run engine up to standard EGT temp
  • With engine running, prime fluid in the pump by half-pressing the smoke toggle
  • Full press the smoke toggle to turn on, press again to turn off


On the Vittorazi Moster 185 paramotor engine it’s important to drill the 7mm hole on the side opposite the heat shield. Do not accidentally fill exhaust or head with smoke fluid by leaving the smoke toggle on.