NAC Sidetone Headset (Deluxe COM)




NAC Sidetone Headset (Deluxe COM) Specs:

  • Headset based in PELTOR earmuffs, with noise canceling microphone. The microphone must be as near of the mouth as less than one centimeter so that only captures your voice.
  • 8 pin Canon connector to connect any VHF or UHF radios (FM 2 meters or PMR446) and airband radios.
  • Spiral and shielded cable to prevent interferences, with specific connector depend on the model of your radio (walkie) included in the price.
  • PTT (Button Push to Talk) wide and responsive with silver contacts and constant pressure for optimal functioning.
  • It incorporates a filter with gain control to adjust the microphone signal to your specific radio.
  • New internal design that lets you change the ear pads when they are deteriorating, to keep intact hygiene and comfort.
  • Noise cancellation microphone.
  • SRM25i system for sidetone the transmission.
  • Possibility to choose the side of the PTT . 

To chose the right radio connector please select following this link: