Micro Altivario Plus

Call for price

The Fairhaven Micro Alti is a wrist or riser mounted altimeter packed with features, combined with a super sensitive vario with really loud audio. For paragliding, hang gliding and paramotor pilots.



The display has a similar character size to many of the largest varios and its high contrast custom LCD is easy to read even in bright sunlight, yet it only weighs 28 grams and measures just 37mm across (excluding strap) making it the world’s lightest and smallest  multifunction altivario!




1ft resolution altimeter, max 19,999 ft with Metres/mixed settings.

Sensitive, loud vario

QNE, QFE, QNH altimeter references with pressure/height settings.

Barometric pressure

Barometric trend (for predicting weather changes)

G-meter, Max G-meter  (Plus version)

Vario averager  5-60 seconds

Temperature C/F

Max lift

Max Altitude (permanently stored until reset)

Max Sink

Minimum altitude

Battery level/voltage

Time clock

Alarm timer

Stopwatch with auto auto flight timer

Volume control

Vario threshold settings

Damping factor setting

Pace (vario tone scale adjustment)

Unique electronic serial number

Rechargable, charger supplied

Audio headphone socket

28 grams






The ALTI button gives access to 3 altimeter references. Alti 1 can be zeroed at takeoff,  alti 2 can be set to height or pressure (QNH), the third option is QNE which gives altitude relative to 1013.25mB or sea level. There is also a barometer option which can be zeroed and provides a sensitive indication of weather changes prior to flying.


SET button


The middle button (SET)  first displays the vario averager followed by the G-Meter, Max G, temperature, maximum and minimum altitude and max lift and sink and battery level. (Averager and G-Meter are on the Micro Alti Plus only).


A long press on the SET button allows the user to make changes according to the user’s preferences which includes: Volume, lift and sink thresholds, damping factor (or response time) pace (tone scale adjustment) and unit selection (metres/feet/mixed). The last key press in this sequence reveals the vario’s unique serial number.


TIMER Button


The TIMER button  gives access to the time clock, stopwatch and alarm timer.


An initial press of the TIMER button shows current time and will automatically revert to the previous mode, a second press gives the Alarm timer which can be used as an alarm clock or tank timer for paramotors and settings are permanently retained for ease of use.


A third press of the TIMER key gives the stopwatch display, this can be started, paused andrestarted with further key presses and can be zeroed with a long press. A flight timer can be initiated by selecting AUTO and the timer will then automatically start after a small change of height.


Audio tones


The vario’s super loud tones start with a modulated “pip-pip” that increases in rate to indicate lift and a continuous tone for sink. Frequency and interrupt rate vary according to rate of climb/descent. Averaging and thresholds can be set to suit the user preference and audio tones are surprisingly loud!


Headphone/external bleeper socket.


As well as having an internal audio sounder or “bleeper” the Micro Alti has a socket for an<span style=”font-size: 12pt; font-family: Arial; color: #