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The Adventure Pluma Features: Carbon fiber chassis, carbon fiber swing arms, and a complete carbon fiber cage! The complete cage weighs in at just 5.85 to 6.5 lbs (2.65-2.95 kg) *. Adventure presents the most affordable carbon fiber Paramotor available!

The Adventure Pluma is manufactured with technologies used by the Aerospace Industry. Adventure utilizes high-performance Laser-Cut Prepreg (pre-impregnated) Carbon Fiber – processed in an Autoclave to guarantee the highest-quality product with unmatched strength. The Pluma has passed the Resistance Test (EAPR) at 15G’s for a Pilot who weighs 275 lbs (125 kg).

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Let’s Have a COMFORTABLE Flight Shall We…

Comfort is very important. Especially to Pilots who enjoy long cross-country (XC) flight. The Pluma features an ergonomic shape of the pilot-side chassis, a progressive curve on the vertical and horizontal axis, as well as a thermo-compressed foam, to guarantee a comfortable flight. Additionally, the Pluma Paramotor includes two TITANIUM “Comfort Tubes,” which keep the harness in the optimal position while in-flight. This well-thought-out configuration, combined with mobile swing arms, generates a slight gap between the harness and the chassis to eliminate all vibrations! This design also helps compensate for TORQUE, while keeping everything at the optimal angle for the propeller. Adventure Paramotors also feature a proprietary “3D Activated System” which ensures increased sensitivity (responsiveness) for the best flying experience!

What About Active & Passive Pilot SAFETY…

Adventure Paramotors has designed the chassis from two parts: The base acts a shock absorber. In the event of a severe shock or impact, it absorbs the energy and protects the pilot. For beginner pilots an additional bumper is also available. In addition to that, the Pluma features Kevlar layer (tear-resistant material) integrated into the chassis – offering additional dorsal protection for the pilot. There’s also an Airbag available for ALL Adventure harnesses to offer even more protection to the Pilot in the case of a hard landing or accident. Needless to say, safety is just as important to us as it is for the Pilots who fly Adventure products!

This engine recommended for all pilots who weigh under 243 lbs. (110 kg.)

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