The Aerolight staff has been factory trained by professionals in the industry to perform repairs on Paragliding wings, Powered Paragliding engines and Flight Instruments, as well as inspections. Our sailoft employees, mechanics and electronic technicians took raining directly at our supplier's factory in order to offer you the most reliable, efficient and up-to-date service on your Paraglider, Powered Paraglider or Flight Instrument.

Repair service

 (shop labor $85 per hour)

Whether it is an engine overhaul, engine upgrade, engine tune-up, a broken glider line, small glider tear, a full panel replacement for your glider, a variometer calibration or malfunction, a variometer LCD / keyboard replacement, we can service it in speedy time. Parts, if needed, are not included. For more info Contact Us

Powered Paraglider (motor)

Annual Inspection ($200 flat fee)

This service includes a full compression test, checkup of fuel lines, checkup of fuel filters, checkup of airfilter, cleanup carbon residue at the piston top, cleanup cylinder decompression hole, cleanup carburetor, backup of all possible falling parts and tune-up. Parts, if needed, are not included in flat fee. For more info Contact Us

Paraglider (wing)

Annual Inspection ($150 flat fee)

We conduct a full porosity and fabric strength test, check line lengths, check line strength, inspect each seam and confirm the integrity of each attachment point. Parts, if needed, are not included in flat fee. For more info Contact Us

Emergency Parachute Repack

($75 flat fee)

Your reserve (emergency parachute) must be opened, aired and re-packed every 6 months according to manufactures worldwide. Fly with "peace of mind". Send us your reserve for re-pack. Your second chance in life is worth more than $45 !! Parts, if needed, are not included in flat fee. For more info Contact Us


Aerolight have pioneered the most successful distribution center of Paragliding and Powered Paragliding equipment in the U.S. Aerolight collaborate with aeronautical engineers, designers and manufactures worldwide in order to produce and constantly improve the quality of products that we exclusively import to the U.S.

Contact Address

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