Aerolight offers two brands of paramotors or powered paragliders (PPGs). FLY Products Paramotors imported from Italy, and our very own, Propulse Paramotors manufactured in the U.S.A.



Propulse Paramotors are manufactured in Miami, Florida U.S.A. We started this project in 2009 as a result of our 22 years experience in the industry and as a way to offer to the Powered Paragliding community a more affordable paramotor which is not imported into the country with all the extra costs involve in an importation. Great quality at more affordable prices. Our line of Propulse Paramotors are also offered with a 1 year warranty.




Aerolight has been the exclusive importer / distributor of FLY Products Paramotors for North, Central and South America since 1994. FLY Products is considered one of the best, if not THE BEST, manufacturer of paramotors in the world. No doubt, it is the most innovative and creative one around. Always ahead in research and development in comparison to other paramotor brands. From its 15,000 square feet factory in Grottammare - Italy, FLY Products develops the most beautiful, reliable and high quality line of paramotors and trikes. FLY Products paramotor and trike owners are proud pilots who know they have chosen a true aircraft backed up with the unbeatable customer service that Aerolight offers to its clientele. Aerolight imports from FLY Products, at least, once a month. We carry permanent stock of complete units and all kind of spare parts for your FLY Products paramotor. FLY Products offers 1 year warranty on their products.


Aerolight have pioneered the most successful distribution center of Paragliding and Powered Paragliding equipment in the U.S. Aerolight collaborate with aeronautical engineers, designers and manufactures worldwide in order to produce and constantly improve the quality of products that we exclusively import to the U.S.

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