Fly Products Flash Trike - Premium

Sales price: $2,550.00
Sales price without tax: $2,550.00
Premium Pilot Harness

Passenger Harness


The latest version of the very popular flash trike from FLY Products for 2013.

The FLY Products Flash Trike premium is a light weight portable 3 wheeler tricycle used as an add-on to any foot-launched paramotor. The 2013 Premium version includes larger wheels and mudguard for landing on multiple surfaces, It also has the option to be fitted with the new premium harnesses. The Flash trike has become a living legend among PPG trike pilots worldwide. Its stability (low center of gravity), safety features (steel roll bar and backup webbings), portability (it folds completely) and low cost makes it the most popular PPG trike around. It is for many pilots an excellent way to fully enjoy Powered Paragliding without carrying the weight of a backpack engine.


This trike can be flown single (U.S. legal ultralight) or tandem (Trike tandem do not qualify for the FAA's FAR 103 in the U.S.)


 Price does not include paramotor, harness or paraglider.

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