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Cage Model


Reserve Parachute

Propeller Cover

Transport Bag

Outer Cage Bag

Paramotor Cover Bag

TTO Tach/hour meter none;Tach/hour meter

TTO Temperature meter none; Temperature meter

Fly Products Rider

The Fly Products Rider frame and cage is light and strong, one of the most robust available.

Though no paramotor is indestructible, the Rider's sturdy frame helps prevent damage from a fall during launch or a hard landing.

The cage webbing utilizes a tight weave increasing strength and protection from the propeller. Transport can also be hard on a paramotor. The solid design of the Rider makes it a good choice for those rough off road adventures.

With seven different power plants, single or double ring cage, easy to remove 14 lt. gas tank and many options and accessories to choose from, you will be able to find the perfect fit for you.

Looking for a package that includes paramotor + paraglider ? Contact us to learn about our special package deals.



Rider Jet                                                        Rider Race                                                             

Engine: Top 80 (80cc / 15 HP)                             Engine: Vittorazi Fly 100 Evo 2 (100cc / 18 HP)              

Empty Weight: 44 Lb.                                         Empty Weight: 50 Lb.                                                 

rider-thrust1.gif_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product             rider-thrust1.gif_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product                                      

Rider Thrust                                                    Rider S4

Engine: Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus (185cc / 25 HP)    Engine: Simonini Mini 2 Plus (202cc / 28 HP)

Empty Weight: 53 Lb.Engine:                                Empty Weight: 60 Lb.

rider-thrust1.gif_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product                             rider-thrust1.gif_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product

 Rider Kompress                                               Rider Sprint 130

 Engine: Cors-Air Black Devil (172.5cc / 25 HP)        Engine: Polini Thor 130 (125cc / 21.5 HP)

 Empty Weight: 60 Lb.                                          Empty Weight: 53 Lb.

 rider-thrust1.gif_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product               rider-thrust1.gif_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product

 Rider Sprint 200                                               Rider Sprint 250

 Engine: Polini Thor 200 (193c / 29 HP)                    Engine: Polini Thor 250 (244cc / 36 HP)

 Empty Weight: 66 Lb                                            Empty Weight: 68 Lb.



Double ring cage                                Low attachment system (ASC)

rider-thrust1.gif_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product              rider-thrust1.gif_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product

Carbon fiber propeller                        Emergency parachute

 rider-thrust1.gif_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product                rider-thrust1.gif_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product

Paramotor transport bag                    Cage transport bag

rider-thrust1.gif_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product                rider-thrust1.gif_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product

Paramotor cover                                Propeller cover

rider-thrust1.gif_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product                                   rider-thrust1.gif_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product

Tach/Hour meter                               Temperature meter

 rider-thrust1.gif_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product                             rider-thrust1.gif_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product_product

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