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Ascent Wrist Alti-Vario (Version H2)

Sales price: $349.00
Sales price without tax: $349.00
The totally new Ascent wrist mounted variometer has been specifically designed for Hang Gliding, Paragliding and Powered Paragliding.

In 2008 Ascent introduced the v1, the first and only small full-featured wrist (or riser) mounted vario and thousands are in use today worldwide.  Ascent has now released a completely new vario h1 with gps functionality.  The new h1 shares the same intuitive and easy to use menu structure, beep, and altitude information as v1.  However, they listened carefully to pilot feedback and many of their suggestions were implemented into the new model including:



The following items are included with the purchase of your H1 vario –


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