FLY Products paramotor frames are manufactured in ERGAL 7020 T6. ERGAL (a.k.a. Zicral in the US) is a super light but strong aeronautical aluminum which offers 200% more break strength than traditional 6061 T6 and chrome molly used by the majority of other Paramotoring manufacturers. Another important characteristic of ERGAL besides breaking strength, is the fact that all points of weld become stronger with time due to a molecular reaction between materials. ERGAL is more expensive aluminum than traditional 6061 T6 and much more expensive than chrome molly.


All models of FLY Products paramotors come with double hoop cages for extra strength yet the cages are dismountable and most models will disassemble fly2for transport to a smaller package of components than most other brands of paramotors.. There are many advantages to double hoop cages. Safety first … the propeller stays inside the cage so in case of a wing deflation, your paraglider lines will not get cut by the propeller. Second, it allows a smooth surface for the paraglider lines to slide up during a forward inflation. And third, it provides maximum clearance of the cage netting to help prevent as many injuries as possible


Riveted cage nettings are known to offer maximum strength, better propeller clearance and are easy to replace. Small rivets hold each corner of the net to the face of the cage (inner hoop). It helps ensure any propeller strike will hit the tubing before it strikes the netting.


FLY Products paramotors are known on the market for their high quality in construction and perfect finishing. Tubing clean cuts, neat welds, oven painted “anti-chip” frames and cages, nylon fittings and aeronautical grade hardware are just a few characteristics on a FLY Products paramotor. Quality is number 1 priority for this old time Italian manufacturer of Powered Paragliders.


FLY Products ergonomic throttle system has it all! It incorporates a fuel low-level warning light into the throttle assembly of the units with an electrical system ... this is a feature that you will not find on other paramotors. It is useful, and a nice safety feature. It also incorporates a variable position cruise control into the throttle assembly, this is a feature that is very useful when you wish to free up your hands to shoot pictures, etc., or during prolonged constant altitude flight. Low fuel warning light, adjustable cruise control, kill switch and electric starter switch all in reach of your thumb. Simple but functional.



FLY Products Paramotors have a very large 4.23 Gallon (16 Liter) bottom mounted fuel tank allowing for long flights. A smaller fuel tank than what FLY Products Paramotors offer will limit your area of operation. If you fly a paramotor with a fuel tank smaller than what FLY Products Paramotors offer, you will get tired of flying around the same area and end up going to the trouble of adding "auxiliary" fuel tanks and plumbing. Such retrofits can be a source of problems. The large fuel tank of a FLY Products Paramotor allows you to go somewhere, away from you normal launch area, and not worry about running out of fuel before you get back. The gas tank cap is located higher than smaller gas tanks and just behind the harness left side so you can access it with ease in order to refuel in seconds. Bottom mounted fuel tank configuration reduces the chances of fuel leaking onto hot engine components, onto electrical components, onto the harness or onto the pilot.






One of many safety features found on a FLY Products paramotor. A webbing strap works as a backup system on each rubber engine mount of the unit in case of a defective or old engine rubber mount breakage.






FLY Products paramotors have distance bars that are easily removable to enhance the compactness and portability of the paramotor. The distance bars are mounted in swivels that make getting into and out of the paramotor harness very easy. The distance bars are also equipped with a unique system to facilitate the use of weight shift and also compensation for torque effect and "P" effect. Distance bars are double sleeved internally and secured to the main frame with a safety Velcro.






FLY Products paramotors are equipped with a very well constructed padded harness (back and shoulders) that is fitted with a large pouch beneath the seat and neoprene side pockets for carrying miscellaneous items. The harness is equipped with very high quality press gate carabiners, safety quick release buckles, integrated “don’t forget leg-strap” webbings eliminating the possibility of launching with unsecured leg straps and sewn-in pulleys for accelerator system. The FLY Products harness can be utilized for ground handling/kiting practice eliminating the need to purchase an additional ground handling harness.


All of the electronics on a FLY Products paramotor are of the best quality on the market. Easy to access, diagnose and replace. The batteries are large and durable designed to crank the propeller with ease. The wiring harness is simple but solid and very reliable. The wiring harness comes with quick release electrical connectors.


FLY Products paramotors have won many “static thrust” contests year after year (Power Gold 130 model). They offer the best power / noise relation of any paramotor brand on the market. The right combination of a super tuned pipe exhaust with muffler to enhance performance and power, carburetion and meticulously designed propeller makes FLY Products the number 1 MOST POWERFUL paramotor today used by the majority of PPG instructors for tandem flights, high altitude take-offs and heavy weight pilots.


All FLY Products paramotor models come with a super tuned pipe exhaust with an additional silencer and a carburetor intake silencer for quietness. They are all certified by the DULV (German agency for ultralights certification) which is known to be very strict on engine noise levels and structure (frame and cage) safety. There are just a few Powered Paragliding manufacturers worldwide that hold this kind of certification, FLY Products is among them.






FLY Products is one of the few Powered Paraglider manufacturers that offer an owner’s manual. The difference is that FLY Products manuals are the best user friendly of all manuals. Their manuals are written in detail with full color pictures, assembly / disassembly instructions, engine starting procedures, carburetor tuning, troubleshooting section, spare parts list with reference number and description for easy ordering, etc. There is a specific owner’s manual for every single FLY Products model.


All FLY Products paramotors come with a comprehensive 1 year warranty on the engine against manufacturing defects and 2 year warranty on the frame and cage. Warranty is offered by FLY Products and the engine manufacturer.




FLY Products has earned numerous awards and 1st place titles at various fly-ins and events in the US and Worldwide proving that year after year it is THE winning brand of Powered Paragliders.

FLY Products Paramotors have won the following awards 

and 1st place titles:

• 2001 Parastars Convention Thrust Contest (1st place = Power Gold 130)

• 2002 Parastars Convention Thrust Contest (1st place = Power Gold 130)

• 2002 Sun & Fun fly-in Best Powered Paraglider (Power Gold 130)

• 2003 Parastars Convention Thrust Contest (1st place = Power Gold 130)

• 2003 Sun & Fun fly-in Best Powered Paraglider at the show (Power Flash) 

• 2004 Parastars Convention Thrust Contest (1st place = Power Max 130) 

• 2004 Albuquerque fly-in Thrust Contest (1st place = Power Gold 130)

• 2005 Arizona Flying Circus fly-in Thrust Contest (1st place = Power Max 130)

• 2005 Sun & Fun fly-in Best Powered Paraglider at the show (Power Jet) 

• 2006 Sun & Fun fly-in Best Powered Paraglider at the show (Kompress)

• 2007 Sun & Fun fly-in Best Powered Paraglider at the show (Eco 2 Trike)


FLY Products is an Italian manufacturer of Paramotors (Powered Paragliders) and Trikes since 1996. Their 15,000 square feet factory is dedicated exclusively to the production in series of high quality Paramotors and Trikes to supply their distributor’s network worldwide. 

FLY Products units are known in the industry for being the “Ferraris” of Paramotors. All FLYProducts units are manufactured with 1st grade aeronautical materials (Ergal 7020 T6 aluminum and stainless steel hardware) and most importantly, all their line of products are CERTIFIED by Paragliding / Paramotoring agencies like the DHV, DULV, AFNOR / CEN which are agencies specialized in certifying ultralight equipment.

In few words, FLY Products is the BEST QUALITY PARAMOTOR that you can get. 



Aerolight International has been in the industry of Paramotoring (Powered Paragliding) since 1988 and has been the exclusive importers / distributors of FLY Products Paramotors since 1997. We count with the support of 57 dealers in the USA and 16 distributors in Latin-America whose offer FLY Products Paramotors as their brand of choice.

We carry permanent stock of complete FLY Products units and spare parts for all previous and current models. Our 2,000 square feet warehouse in Miami, Florida is stock with everything you need for all your Paramotoring needs.

We are known for offering an excellent customer service and support not only when you are looking to purchase a Paramotor or PPG Package but most importantly, AFTER you purchase a Paramotor or a PPG Package from us. We have been in business 19 years and are planning to be many more God willing. Your satisfaction is our first goal therefore our success.

Aerolight have pioneered the most successful distribution center of Paragliding and Powered Paragliding equipment in the U.S. Aerolight collaborate with aeronautical engineers, designers and manufactures worldwide in order to produce and constantly improve the quality of products that we exclusively import to the U.S.

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